Xtraordinary places · Thakhek

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DSC_0404From one incredible nature to another, all in the same country. After spending some days in Vang Vieng we decided to take the sleeping bus towards Thakhek. A very good option as we didn’t have to worry about accommodation for that night. Well, that’s what we thought…


Update: travelling in Thailand

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DSC_0049Sitting on a chill spot in Downtown Chiang Mai; enjoying my coffee and breakfast. In a few hours I’ll be on my way to my next destination which is Pai. The bus ride to this new destination seems to be an adventure. It’s according to the locals a very curvy road up; I even heard that a lot of people get car sick, throwing up so no heavy meals before driving to Pai. This is according to the people who live here; so I believe them. Hahahaha… Well I will see how this road is going to be.

Xtraordinary places · Gordon Dam

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DSC_0005Another worthy place to visit in Tasmania is the Gordon Dam. From Hobart it will take you 2h 30min by car to car. Because we made some stops along the way it took us longer than that but that was worth it. Driving through some amazing forest of Tassie and enjoying the beautiful mountains and hills. Sometimes it looked like you’re in a painting. At least that was it felt like for me. Maybe it will feel the same for you…Enjoy