Xtraordinary places · Nha Trang

Vietnam, Xtraordinary places

DSC_0106 2After relaxing in Hoi An it was time to take the bus to Nha Trang. Also a city where it was time to relax a little bit more. After I left I realised that I didn’t make a lot of pictures in Nha Trang. Too bad but hé… I also love to present in the moment while travelling.


Xtraordinary places · Hoi An

Vietnam, Xtraordinary places

DSC_0069Let’s pick up where we left off. It has been a couple of weeks that I haven’t posted anything. This due some work and holidays (that I will write about in the future). But first let me go back to Vietnam. Phong Nha was great for one day. Doing the loop and some activities. It was time for me to travel in the middle of the night to Hoi An.